AVMS is the exclusive audio-visual provider for WaMu Theater.

Contact: David Clarke
Phone: 206-694-4444

Edlen Electrical

Edlen is recognized as the innovative leader in providing temporary utility services to the trade show, convention and special event industry. Their nationwide network of offices service over 4,000 events annually in 245 venues including: convention centers, hotels, sport stadiums, fairgrounds and theme parks. Edlen will provide a cost-effective solution to your temporary utility needs.

Contact: Jason Axtman
Phone: 206-781-2411

First & Goal Hospitality

First & Goal Hospitality (FGH) is a newly created company that is part of a continual effort to enhance the guest experience at CenturyLink Field, CenturyLink Field Event Center and the WaMu Theater. FGH manages and operates all general concessions and premium dining at WaMu Theater concerts, as well as provides catering services for corporate events.

Contact: Michele van der Werff
Phone: 206-808-8332

Rhino Staging NW

Stagehand labor is scheduled through Rhino Staging Northwest. This includes: Crew Chief, Conversion Tech, Forklift/Manlift, Loader, Stagehand, Supervisor, Wardrobe, and Spotlight Ops.

Contact: Daniel Scolnick
Phone: 425-656-1627

Staff Pro Security

Staff Pro is nationally recognized as an industry leading crowd management, event staffing, and consulting company providing experienced and trained professional personnel and managed services to every type of venue and event imaginable.

Contact: Jeff Leazer
Phone: 206-381-7567


WaMu Theater uses Ticketmaster as a trusted ticketing provider for all ticketed events. All event ticket arrangements must be made through the WaMu Theater box office, which will coordinate the ticket set-up with Ticketmaster, the facility’s authorized computerized ticket agency, or hard ticket printer. The applicable fee is dependent upon the type of event scheduled. Licensees are responsible for all credit card fees associated with box office sales.

Titan Rigging

Any event plan which includes items suspended from the columns or structural steel, must receive prior written approval and must use Titan Rigging for all labor calls.

Contact: Carson Lueck
Phone: 206-290-0279

Electric Power

There are (3) 400amp electrical services available for use in the theater. Divided between lighting and sound/video, these are available through Camlock disconnects as listed below. All services have both natural and reserved ground and neutral connectors.

  • Lighting: (2) 400amp 120/208v, 3-phase, 5-wire Camlock breakered disconnects located 100’ from USR corner of stage.
  • Sound/Video (isolation/transformer fed): (1) 400amp, 120/208v, 3-phase, 5-wire. This is the total service and also powers the JBL Vertec line array system. There is a 225amp breakered disconnect (which is total available after PA power) located at the DSL corner of the stage.
  • Additional: There is additional power available throughout the facility in floor boxes on a 30’ grid with 60amp, 120/208v per. There are also larger services available (for cost) behind the stage.
  • Date Opened: 2006
  • Floor Space: 130,000 square feet
  • Building Management: First and Goal, Inc.
  • Concessionaire: First & Goal Hospitality
  • Ticketing: Ticketmaster
  • Capacities:
    • Full Reserve Show – 4,700
    • Reserve with Beverage Gardens – 3,900
    • Full GA – 7,200
    • Full GA with Beverage Gardens – 7,000

Radio Frequencies
The staff at the WaMu Theater commonly use Motorola digital radios with the following frequencies in use during events:

  • 451.45000MHz 451.83750MHz 451.87500MHz 452.12500MHz
  • 452.17500MHz 452.75000MHz 452.97500MHz 456.45000MHz
  • 456.83750MHz 456.87500MHz 457.12600MHz 457.17500Mhz
  • 457.75000MHz 457.97500MHz 461.07500MHz 466.07500MHz
  • Police and Fire Frequencies for King County are at 800MHz

Frequencies are subject to change.


A Super Grid is provided over the stage and front portion of the audience seating for production rigging. Total capacity of the Super Grid is 40,000lbs, even load distribution, dead hung. Not to exceed 2,000lbs per point. Bridle loads are acceptable and to be approved on a case-by-case basis.

There is a practical 50’ truss approximately 24’ DS from the DS edge of the stage. This truss is available for visiting productions and has a load rating of 1,500lbs evenly distributed.

All rigging in the room must be done by our pre-approved rigging contractor – Titan Rigging.

The only building attachments allowed in the house are the high beams on a 30’ grid. The maximum allowable load that can be dead hung from a beam is 1,000lbs. The maximum allowable angle allowed for horizontal loading is 45 degrees.

Sound System

  • (6) JBL 4880/4888 line arrays – three each side of proscenium powered speakers controlled by (2) DBX 4800 drive racks. FOH console and effects rented by client per event specifications or provided by artist. Stage monitors are rented by client per event specification or provided by artist.
  • (60) box JBL VERTEC Self-Powered with Crown DrivePack Amplifiers running version 4 JBL factory DSP settings (4) flying arrays total, (2) sub arrays on floor and (4) front fill speakers.
  • Main arrays: VT-4888DP-AN, (12) per array, (24) total
    Outer fill arrays: VT-4888DP-AN, (6) per array, (12) total
    Subwoofer Arrays on the Floor: VT-4882-AN, (10) per array, (20) total
    Front Fills: VT-4887ADP-AN (4) total
    Flown Main and Outer Fill Array elements are midsize 3-way with (2) 12” lows, (4) 5.5” mids, and (2) 1.5” throat, high drivers. Floor sub array elements are midsize double 15” with dual voice coils. Front fill elements are compact 3-way bi-amped with (2) 8” lows, (4) 4” mids, and (2) 1” throat, high drivers. Total system power is 292.8KW peak and 146.4KW continuous.
  • HiQnet Networking, running System Architect Version 1.8
  • (2) DBX 4800 DriveRacks
  • Wireless Tablet PC
  • Guest Screens include: level status of all amplifiers and driveracks, mixer with overall level control of each array, mutes for driverack outputs, 3 System Presets for main and support acts and EQ screen with 1/3 Octave ad 9 band parametric EQs for all arrays and fills.
    Other parameters are adjustable by in-house engineer (crossover drive levels, array/fills delays, etc.)
    Fire alarm mutes house speaker system with on-screen notification.
  • 8 discreet inputs, Analog or AES Digital.
  • System can be driven as left and right or each array and front fill pair can be driven independently, or in any combination (mono subs, mono fills, etc.). Input panel is on stage at the DSL corner. There is also a cable trench from DSL to the center FOH mix.
  • All input are via XLRs and inputs are transformer isolated and grounded.
    Snakes and AC are run on the floor in the aisles and covered with mats. Ground and neutral camlock connectors are reversed sex.
    If the barricade is in place, the cable length to stage to either the DSR or DSL corner of the stage is approximately 165’.


  • Proscenium:
    • Width 56’ opening
    • Height: 30’ above stage level
    • Black Grand Drape with valance
    • Black carry-off drapes and front theater drape walls
    • Stage is fully skirted
  • Soft Goods: in addition to the Grand Drape, there are also the following blacks onstage
    • MS black traveler at 28’ from the DS edge
    • US black traveler at 45’ from the DS edge
    • (10) 10’ black legs (5 each side), trackable from 11’-50’ from the DS edge

The WaMu Theater is equipped with a StageRight® stage comprised of 8’x4’ decking. Each deck can carry a uniformly distributed live-load capacity of 4,000lbs (125 lbs. per square foot). The maximum dimensions of the stage are 104’ wide by 52’ deep with a thrust DS of the Grand Drape of 56’ wide by 8’ deep for a total square footage of 5,984sqft.
The standard height of the stage is 5’ and there are (2) sets of stage height stairs available in addition to a 4’ wide loading ramp from floor level to the stage. The stage and stairs have a full set of guard rails for the sides and back.
There is a FOH riser located at the center rear for the floor seating 90’ from downstage center. The standard set it to have a lighting/video riser an 8’x16’@12”h with an 8’x16’@0” space in front for audio mix. To modify location, size or heights, please contact the Event Manager.


The theater is capable of supporting telephone, T-1 and fiber throughout the entire space on a 30’ grid. Additionally, green rooms, production rooms and back of house spaces can support telecomm. Orders must be placed with the Event Manager four weeks (twenty working days) prior. The Event Manager will coordinate the request with the exclusive telecomm provider, WBL Services. Additional charges may apply.